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Participants Are Benefiting From The Community Xccelerator

Joy McBride actively listens alongside other participants in Valdosta’s Community Xccelerator program.

VALDOSTA — When Joy McBride was contacted about registering for the Valdosta Community Xccelerator, she never imagined that the program would have such an impact upon her.

McBride, who is a manager at ELEAD1ONE, admits that she would not have reached out on her own about signing up. However, she is very satisfied that she decided to do so and actively encourages others at work with the information she is learning.

"I shared what I learned with a few of my employees because they always ask me about the meetings, and I am so excited to share."

According to organizers, the Community Xccelerator is a 20-session program conducted at the Willis L. Miller Library that is developed for local citizens and students in order to connect, inspire, and empower through proven strategies for success from regional experts related to goal execution, financial and wealth empowerment, business development, and personal improvement. 

The program is provided by the H. DeWayne & Amanda Johnson BridgeBuilder Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity. The Xccelerator’s sponsors include CJB Industries, Blanton & Griffin Insurance Agency, The Home Depot, Cre8ive Zone, and Miller Hardware.

With only seven sessions complete, McBride eagerly expresses how the Community Xccelerator has influenced her.

“The past few sessions have made a huge impact on me. I have many goals in life, and they all require a good amount of money.  I started getting discouraged because I did not know how to earn money besides my income from work.” 

“I have tried a few multi-level-marketing businesses but found I spent more money than I would make. I could not understand how people would buy lots of investment homes or create a business without a very hefty income. I, unfortunately, do not have a large income, so I kept getting discouraged and would almost give up.”

“These past two sessions have inspired me more than ever! I do not feel discouraged now. I feel like I can accomplish my goals and even set up my daughter for success in the future.”

Program Director, DeWayne Johnson added, “In the Community Xccelerator, participants learn actionable steps in order to meet goals in a way that is not taught to students or young adults. As a result, a lot of us, unfortunately, are never in an environment to learn about these steps to succeed financially or to have an effect on our local government and in the business community. That’s where the Community Xccelerator provides its greatest impact.”

Johnson added that the program encourages its participants to take action by breaking down barriers and fear rooted in unknown information or miseducation.

Similar to McBride’s experience, Njeri Pringle, who is a graduate assistant in the Academic Support Center at Valdosta State University and an instructor of mathematics at Georgia Military College in Valdosta, shared her feedback about the Community Xccelerator's sessions, in which she participates. 

“I have received practical knowledge that can be applied in a manner that could change my relationship with money/wealth development and myself.  I think more than anything the pivotal knowledge that I am learning is more of a level of self-awareness that helps me activate my dreams and goals in an actionable manner.”  

For McBride, the program has prompted her to also take real action towards her financial goals.

McBride proudly shared a few items that she has completed based on the program’s latest takeaways and recommendations. She has:

· Set up her own online investment account

· Reviewed what her next-level bank account structure will look like

· Calculated her “Financial Freedom Number”

· Adjusted her budget to be able to send automatic transfers to investments

· Shared what she has learned with others at work

· Began listening more to author and life coach, Tony Robbins

Like everyone else enrolled in the Xccelerator program, McBride’s empowerment journey is just beginning, and she is thankful and excited that Valdosta’s Community Xccelerator has lit a fire within her to get it moving in a positive direction.

As she expressed to Johnson, “I cannot thank you enough for putting together this program. It is exceeding my expectations.”

For more information about how to participate in Valdosta’s Community Xccelerator, email, or call/text (229) 588-0866.

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